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There are many businessmen and there are many farmers in this country. However, the businessman who once modern farmers may not be many, especially those living in Jakarta. One is Bob Sadino, rich farmers who have Kem Chicks in South Jakarta (supermarkets around 18:00 with commodity items and visited about 2,500 people per day), Kem Foods (producing a wide variety of sausage-shaped frozen meat, burger, meatball), and Kem Farms in Central Java (producing vegetables and fruits, where hydroponics cultivation is done by successfully). No less than 1,300 employees on their life from the business owned by Mr. Sadino this.

Bob Farmer Entrepreneurs Sadino is unique. Keunikannya directly visible physical since he put "clothes dinasnya" which until now is that it is also: belel short jeans trousers, short-sleeve shirt that potongannya not berjahit, and shoes without socks. And with the "uniform kiwir-kiwir" that he never specialties chatting with government officials to the level of president, in power since the Soeharto era.

U.S. media coverage about terjangnya during the last two decades has been countless many. Name and portrays himself appear everywhere, both in print and electronic media, both in domestic and overseas. Male birth Tanjungkarang, Lampung, 9 March 1933, this indeed has many interesting side of life to it. He started the business from zero, and fully supported by Soelami, wife of the values 31 July 1967 and built two daughters, Viking Funeral Andiani and Shanti Dwi Ratih.

Initially, about 30 years ago, Bob left the job as a sailor, stonemason, and the taxi driver, to start a business with 50 birds broiler and laying five kilograms. From the sales of eggs and then he started selling chicken pieces, and then gradually the small shop is growing up to become a supermarket, which is known people. Physical appearance is more similar artists instead of the other side is a businessman who invite discussion. Kepiawaiannya process words in various seminars to provide another nuance in themselves. Yet again the concept of success that success does not need the draft. All that, directly or indirectly, involved making whatever magnit for coverage of the various coverage.

Personally, I first met Bob Om, so I called, in 1990. That time, a senior correspondent with Atiek Wishnubrata, my Bristol day since the morning until the afternoon. From his home in the past, we were invited to discuss long in "stable" 2 hectares in the area of Lebak Bulus, who is now a place where he was living in South Jakarta. In the chance that a prominent intellectual side. He was knacky provide a response to the concepts successful version of Dale Carnegie and Stephen R. Covey, the two big names in the field of personal development and the people that epoch. He also advanced the theory cite Abraham Maslow, one of the pioneers of psychology Humanistic psychology.

Not communicate, whom I have met again with the Om Bob stage seminars in early 2001 and then. He was not alone in my mind too. But rather he feels there is little resemblance between us, when I have an idea of Indonesia School of Life. If in my books published since the end of 1998 I often use the term "school and university life," then in a book titled Agribusiness return to - Success Stories Bob Sadino paper Sjamsoe'oed Sadjad (Grasindo, 2001), Om Bob also use the term the same. A coincidence, it was not planned, I think. And so that is why can he then invited me back to "play" to "stable" that has been changed to "cage the family" is.

There are many things that I learned from Bob Om. Among them are: first, kepekaannya of business opportunities. He always "read the market" and often admitted that "my people this market." This means, he only sells what people really want are purchased from. Second, kreativitasnya to create various products and ideas for the full sale. Products sold through the company, while the ideas are sold to participants of various types of seminars involving himself. Third, keberaniannya take the risk, not only in business, but also in the form of physical appearance that is unique. There are many people who want to appear unique. However, dare to really show is a little unique. I still remember how the members of the House of Om Bob invited to the event with an opinion, rejected the presence because of physical appearance is considered "less respect" high state institution. Potretnya with "uniform kiwir-kiwir" when President Soeharto in agricultural land demonstrate the courage to appear in different forms is the most extreme, I think. So, overall, when not many people talk about the importance of branding and brand, Om Bob is showing the "brand" and "brand" his own.

The other side that I most admire from Om Bob is humility and kejujurannya. He did not hesitate come to the seminar that diminatinya only willing to sit and dwell on-nguyah ideas dihidang source of information that are far younger and "more poor" from it. Sometimes it brings the "children" (employees who occupy strategic positions in various companies) and thus directly to educate them to continue learning. And if compared with many businessmen karbitan the rebound because of learner-KKN with the authorities, Om I think Bob is included in the category of relatively honest businessman.

Although we jointly agreed that "school" and "university" is a true "life", but our position is different. Om Bob deserve more than a "teacher" and "lecturers", while I am still as "learners". Therefore, if I was asked to make a list of a hundred things that I needed in my life I'm in the "School of Life Indonesia," then one of them is the opportunity to meet with "teachers" my mustache and hair more whiten, but the spirit is still living and brightly as the The first time we met eleven years ago.

Every time I talk about the concept of "success without a degree" - the title of my first book - the memories of my loop to the immediately fly Om Bob. He has become one of the Evidence irrefutable that those who only had some formal education (teaching) to the secondary school level has also become a successful modern farmers is still possible. And once I did not want to become a farmer or a rich feast, Bob Sadino number two, hopefully as a "student", what I have donated for the process of "learning revolution" in the country is not mempermalukan the "teachers" that "without a degree of success" that.



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