Oil Price Rise first This Week

Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Stronger world oil prices on Friday (26/12) for the first time in this weekend affected the news about the United Arab Emirates, which will cut production in line with OPEC production decisions reduction.

A small number of transactions in the post-Christmas, the main crude oil contract "light sweet" in New York for delivery in February to become stronger U.S. dollar 37.71, up 2.36 U.S. dollars from the closing price on Wednesday.

Oil on the market close Thursday because of Christmas holidays. Oil contract in New York continue to dwindle during the nine previous trading session.

Crude oil "Brent" North Sea for delivery in February, the market Intercontinental ditransaksikan in London, up 1.76 U.S. dollars into U.S. dollars 38.37, after on Wednesday at 36.61 U.S. dollars position, which is the lowest position since July 2004.


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