Rabu, 31 Desember 2008

Dream large and continue to dream big, saying a word. Because of all that we enjoy now comes from the dream that is considered unlikely. Previously Sosrodjojo be ridiculed as a dream to sell votes in bottled tea. Utomo also Tirto or be ridiculed because the idea of selling packaged drinking water. Now realized that the idea of who is not familiar Sosro The Bottle and Aqua. Now the brand has been so trendsetter of products and tea drinks, mineral similar.

In the United States there is Bill Gates leaving the business course at Harvard, an elite school in the United States, and microsoftnya taken seriously. He soon saw in the whole world there will be a Personal Computer (PC) in every home. Dreamland is a slogan that is known widely by the à ¢ â, ¬ Å "computer on every desk and in every homeà ¢ â, ¬ Â. Her dream a reality.

If we dare to dream, a dream that we can wujudkan with hard work and sincerity. Do not be afraid of dreaming, even if you open a small business scale in the house.


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