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Senin, 29 Desember 2008

How to increase the number of visitors that it is not easy, but not impossible to become ago. This is the tip & tricks to its:

1 .. Write and submit articles and enter in the article.
2. Comments on other blogs with a backlink to our web page.
3.Answer question on
4 Post on the forum and make sure there LINK to our web page.
5."press release" and submit the
6.Ad to our web page in the correct category on
7.Create testimonials or product announcement that may be used as the exchange backlink to our web page.
8.Startblog and submit to the 100 directory for free, for example
9.We may also submit to the web page or search engine major search engines manually.
10.Optimisasi each display on every page of our web with keywords or phrases particular
11.Put signature on the email to the web page us.
12.Make "404 error page" that lead to our web page.
13.Use for PPC search engine advertising.
14.Put bookmark this web page to our web page.
15.Is "tell-a-friend form" on our web page.
16.SEND articles to ezine, make sure that there are links to our web page.
17.Create any posts content that is "crazy" and it is viral.
18.Give something free (ebook, report, e-course) so that pengunjungt will return to our web page.
19.Home Page web we must have RSS.
20.Submit our web page to many niche directory on the Internet.
21.Take part in the exchange banner or link.
22.Create one perisian and give a free web page to pelawat us.
23.Buy also our domain name misspelled
24.Spread us with the domain name associated with our niche.
25.Affiliate program and we made our affiliate increase traffic
26.Start mail for social advance, such as Bookmarking
27.Submit viral video to
28. Survey results on our web page.
29.Get friend joint venture that could bring traffic to our web page.
30.We create your own newsletter or ezine.
31.Use autoresponder or email to ensure that visitors coming to our web page.
32.We can buy ad pages in the pageranknya high.
33Send free copy of our products to other web pages as the exchange of product reviews.
34.Sell or place classified ads on with LINK to our web page.
35.Post free ads to the web page with links to our web page.

36.CreateLINK reciprocal exchange with another web page.
37.Always our campaign through seminars
38.Daftra subscriptions and advertising on the newsletter or ezine popular.
39.Ad on halamna front perhargaan other products
40.Ebook for free and put on the web page or free ebook
41.Buy and easy to use domain remembered.
42.Something quite controversi
43.Profile in the Amazon and submit for review books and products that you read.
44. Lens on
45.Use exchange traffic
46.Referral is the same.
47.Products that have resell right, and we enter the home
48.Email on all the visitors who have a list of your email.

49. Register to

50. Be humble (Humble) and always pay a visit


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