Oil prices soaring, and down

Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Apart from Wall Street, the economic news that is not less exciting coming from the oil market in New York that up and down drastically, followed by the weak oil demand over ambruknya global economy.

World crude oil prices melesat to U.S. $ 147 per barrel in July that eventually change the habits of U.S. energy is usually wasteful. With the high price of fuel, the level of housing missal transportation jumped to the highest level in 25 years, while the use of motor vehicles anjlok almost 5%.

But the global financial crisis and change everything, except the economical habits of U.S. still in progress, the price of oil fell more than 50% of starting early October until the end of November, so invite a habit of whether the U.S. will return to the taste of home when oil prices are stable, low?


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