Stable Dollar, Gold Price is Not Many Changes

Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

TOKYO. In Asia, the price of gold, not much changed today. This occurred after the currency stable dollar against the euro. Consequently, gold is no longer seen as attractive investment.

Origin know, is this the last three weeks the price of gold continues to increase. The strong position because of the enchantment of the gold dollar weakened against the euro, which has occurred during five weeks in succession.

"Gold is in line to increase the pressure against the U.S. dollar due to recession and the policy of the Fed, which cut interest rates near zero," said tatsuo Kageyama, analyst Kanetsu Asset Management Co. in Tokyo.

At 12:28 Tokyo time, gold for delivery fast rise 0.1% to U.S. $ 846.50 per troy ounce. Meanwhile, gold for December delivery on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange rose 0.5% to 2,464 yen per gram, or U.S. $ 847 per troy ounce.

Meanwhile, the dollar experienced a strengthening of 0.1% to U.S. $ 1.4017 per euro. Dollar also appreciated 0.1% against the yen to become 90.50. Currency Uncle Sam's country is steadily strengthening after Japanese industrial production experienced most recently retrogressive



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