The Global Economic Crisis

Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

As we know up to now with discussion about the global economic crisis remains rampant. Each day the local television news channels always show the latest developments surrounding the world economy and the investors in this country is still 'dag-dig-dug' about the effects of the crisis on Indonesia. Many countries in the world begin affected by the economic crisis now, one of the developed countries, Germany, became the most astonishing example, unsuspected consequences of this crisis has created a recession in Germany, which compel them to 'merumahkan' most of the labor stoppage and cause some production activities. From the country, the poor visible from the IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange), IHSG (Joint Stock Price Index) falls from the free position Digdaya around 2800-an until now that is still less between 1100 to 1300-an. Even the more high stock markets around the world recently, so can we make IHSG fall below 1000. In fact, predicted until mid-2009 upcoming semester, there will be many lay, as happened in 1998 when then.


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