The foreign exchange debt due in 2009 foreign exchange reserves Press

Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

The Government recognizes that foreign exchange debt maturity in 2009 foreign exchange reserves will hit Indonesia in 2009. but there are believed to be the replacement of the top foreign exchange reserves exhausted Yes. I certainly have influence. but is not necessarily lost and there is no replacement, surely there will be successor. "said the Minister of Finance / Plt Coordinating Minister for Economy Sri Mulyani Indrawati, in Jakarta, yesterday.

According to him, how big the influence of debt to foreign exchange reserves of foreign exchange can be calculated how much foreign exchange risk on the debt.

"If we calculate the risks, we see only from the eksposure maturity one year later, how the composition." he said.

He added the government foreign exchange debt for 2009. have done the calculations, including possible risks in 2009.

In the same place

Director General of the State Property Ministry of Finance. Hadiyanto, said the value of state assets at the end of the year will be increased from valuasi which have been made to the semester 1 / 2008 which reached Rp510 trillion. "It was a semester 1 / 2008. Semester II surely increase. This is a report later in January 2009 is expected to come out again." he said.

He also said his side would work hard to ensure that the inventory and assessment of state assets can be completed in 2009.

Meanwhile, Director General of Taxes, Darmin Nasution, says his side must explain various issues concerning the taxation related to the immediate end of 2008 and immediately entered in 2009.

He said there are some rules that must be explained, including the Value Added Tax (VAT) UUnya although not yet complete, also on the fiscal out of the country, sunsel policy, and other



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