2009, Depperin Estimate Stay Enthusiastic Automotive Industry

Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

The government remains optimistic take the automotive industry will grow next year. From the calculation Deparrtemen Industry (Depperin) car sales next year will increase 8% to Rp108 billion from the year 2008 this is estimated at Rp100 trillion. Meanwhile, motorcycle sales to increase 12% to Rp 65 trillion this year from Rp 60 trillion.

Estimated government is starting to count the back of that automobile sales will anjlok 30%. From car sales to 600,000 units in 2008 to be 450 units. Meanwhile, motor units from 6 million to 4 million units. "In the future there is a decline, but cars and motorcycles that have fixed roads, and replacement parts must be done. This is a cause growth to occur," said
Director General of Industrial Equipment and Transportation Telematika (IATT) Ministry of Industry (Depperin) Budi Darmadi, Tuesday (23/12).

The Government recognizes, automotive industry into the business sector that, at most, because terimbas crisis. Therefore, the government request
the shoulder to shoulder trying survive or if it can minimize the impact of the crisis. One is, do the action for
burden with the stake holders to reduce the burden on consumers.

Associated with increased interest repayments from 8% to 12%. Now, the burden of the increase was 4% should be divided to the parties from the producers, industrial components, the company financing, and consumers. With the determination of the mechanism is the responsibility of the holder of the single agent (ATPM) national.


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