Rabu, 31 Desember 2008

If you have your dreams and ideas that good, why not start now? The courage to try. Is a bold capital enterpreuner. Trying to ideas or ideas directly is a challenge that's fun. Many of knowledge gained than just reading the theory only.

You capital is the biggest reason you know so many successful entrepreneurs who start a business from zero. There are people selling batik points, the benefits such as the business capital Dyah Suminar, the women arrived origin. There are also Purdi Chandra, the owner Primagama Study Guide, which started business only with 300 thousand results over the bicycle motornya. See also the pioneer Abdullah Gymnastiar business division boarding daarut unity of god opened a trade with the capital comes from a widow. So capital is not the greatest problems faced by the business beginners.

According to Tyas Soekarsono, a lecturer at the same time businessmen, seriousness and sincerity in the business also become factors that determine the success of your business tekuni. This applies also to the business that started from the house. â € œKerja hard but do not need to be effective and not efficient, â €? he said reminded. Work hard and work smart is the motto of the enterpreuner. Do not be lazy and feel satisfied quickly on the results obtained.

This is another important innovation of high-power service on the products and services. Therefore, a clever businessman should follow the development of the market and see the behavior of competitors. Business people should be aware that many products offered, but what makes the candidates that consumers switch to using the products and services. Here must be astute business people see the possibilities that will happen.

The sapphire assert any attitude can not expect quick results for the businessman beginners. Patience is necessary for adapting to start a business herself. Sometimes the failure is perceived by business people need because through kegagalanlah businessmen will try to avoid the same mistakes.

If we dare to try, we must dare to dare to fail or succeed. Essentially, how hard we try it is the price that we will get. No dictionary failed for a spirited enterpreuner. That is how quickly you rise from that failure. How, ready to do business?

(vieny / report Jumi and Rahmi)
source: online ummi


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