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Tips / How To Save / Saving Money In the Bank of Investment and Business For The Future Bahagia
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Saving habits have already clearly very useful for our future. Saving is to deposit money that can be used in the future if necessary. The more money that ditabung then the better. There is a saying that "thrifty rich base", this means if we diligently save money and live a simple and not excessive in the end we will be able to enjoy the results beatify.

Do not forget that there is limit to save. Bayarlah tax and charity obligations before you save some money and practice of worship for us to be more happy in the life of the next life.

Familiarize oneself from small saving will be able to establish prudence, thinking far ahead, not selfish, patient, and so forth. Therefore if we have children, then bring our children to become the reservoir of top-flight. But avoid excessive or scanty concerns on the perception of the future needs of the negative so that we do not have to be people who are stingy or tight-fisted.

Here are some tips to save money that may be useful for you:

1. Saving Bank in the Trusted

Menabunglah money in the bank so that we always keep safe from the criminals. Saving in the bank may give us an interest rate of profit for banks or businesses because the money we setorkan be used for investment banks.

We recommend that you save in a few different banks if the amount of money you enough in the bank bonafid that money is not lost if you suddenly dilikuidasi bank or conduct follow-deception. By saving in a different bank then you can still do a transaction when a bank are experiencing.

2. Save your small change is Not Used

While many have some small change should you store in a place safe from the hands of ignorant ignorant including your own. When the number is much you can put it to a bank account or keep your store. Forget the small change as if they do not exist or they are just not useful things that you do not tertaris to membelanjakannya.

You can start with the new hobby of collecting small change, such as duck uncle gober where you can get the satisfaction of mind when I saw the money-money that kayanya and how you feel. But not many in number-many. When necessary, and sudden-death, the money can be used without having to borrow from the others, go to the atm machine, mengantri in the bank, waiting to pay, and others.

3. Never Too Much Money Saving ---> Investment

Batasilah save money in the form of cash in savings or deposit money so that you have idak continue to diminish in value and time consumed inflation even though the value of your money grows from time to time.

The amount of savings is in the book because you restrict too much money you timbun the loss because your interest in the bank less than the level of inflation so that in the long time the more money you will be small in value.

A good way out is to invest in something that can benefit many people, such as opening a business that provides many job opportunities for others. Than we do on the investment property, play forex / foreign exchange, deposits, shares, and so we better make you believe kuasai and will provide great benefits.

Pleased to see other people happy is the core of everything. There is an inner satisfaction when people are apart pekerjakan our happy life. Share with fellow human beings with money than we have.

4. Eliminate emotional moment, lavish lifestyle and your Gengsi

Credit card is one source of potential disaster is huge. With credit cards you can do one wishes that the expenditure is not necessary and you tersadar debt with a twist throttle nerves in the neck which has been all over and always regret coming to the end. The debt collector / Biller debt will be happy with your life meneror and even family friends, neighbors, friends office, boss, etc.. We recommend using a debit card / atm card but wisely.

Live a simple key to happiness is. Life is too gelamor, full of prestige, ostentatious wealth, adored, praised happy people, and so will only be upon you on the ignorance and poverty in the future. Be oang a low profile / low self but if other people know you are in fact the person that will eat-terkagum amazed.

When you're having a lot of luck, so then you do not dissipate as living standards improve dramatically, like the round, like help / help others to get a compliment, etc.. When someone is being successful penghasilkan get him a major general, will increase so that the expenditure pattern of consumption will increase to take part.

Before buying something you should think there are millions of times so that you do not regret later. For example, there is a special offer items that look so expensive, so cheap you have to ask whether the goods will continue to use you in the long term? and whether the value of the product far more than the price?. Sometimes we realize after the fact we did not buy the ongoing darena use fast bored or are not important.

5. Life is planning to do Matang

Make stages in your life and the play value of the money needed to menggapainya such as for school, college, find a job, get married, buy a vehicle, treatment, children's school fees, the cost of food, recreation, open a business and so forth. That way you will be wise in their spending after know how much money you need later.

If you can skip all that in the future you will be happy where you have been through the stages of life with both your retirement and have a business that can be relied upon even if you do not participate in the intervention.

So where would select? The future of misery or happiness of the future?


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