Sabtu, 03 Januari 2009

The development of sharia banking system in Indonesia is done in the framework of dual-banking system or the dual banking system in the framework Indonesian Banking Architecture (API), to present an alternative banking services that the people of Indonesia to the full. Collectively, the banking system and sharia banking in conventional synergistic mobilization of public funds to support more widely to improve financing for the sectors national economy.

Characteristics of the banking system that operates according to sharia principles for the banking system to provide an alternative to the mutual benefit for the community and the bank, and show aspects of justice in the deal, the ethical investment, the values of togetherness and brotherhood in to produce, and avoid speculative activities in the financial deal . By providing a variety of products and banking services with a variety of financial schemes that more bervariatif, sharia banking to become an alternative to the banking system is credible and can dinimati by all the people of Indonesia without exception.

In the context of macro economic management, spread the use of various products and financial instruments will be able to paste sharia relationship between the financial sector with the real sector and create harmony between the two in the sector. The expansion of products and instruments sharia will support activities in addition to financial and business community will also reduce the transactions that are speculative, so that support the financial system stability as a whole, which in turn will provide a significant contribution towards achieving the medium-term price stability, long-term.

Has been with The implementation of Law No.21 Year 2008 on Banking Sharia that on 16 July 2008, the development of the banking industry has the national sharia law the basis of adequate and will encourage more rapid growth again. With the impressive progress of its development, which reached an average growth of assets, more than 65% pertahun in the last five years, the expected role of sharia banking industry in supporting national economy will be more significant



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