Sabtu, 03 Januari 2009

Credit card is one source of potential disaster is huge. With credit cards you can do one wishes that the expenditure is not necessary and you tersadar debt with a twist throttle nerves in the neck which has been all over and always regret coming to the end. The debt collector / Biller debt will be happy with your life meneror and even family friends, neighbors, friends office, boss, etc.. We recommend using a debit card / atm card but wisely.

Live a simple key to happiness is. Life is too gelamor, full of prestige, ostentatious wealth, adored, praised happy people, and so will only be upon you on the ignorance and poverty in the future. Be oang a low profile / low self but if other people know you are in fact the person that will eat-terkagum amazed.

When you're having a lot of luck, so then you do not dissipate as living standards improve dramatically, like the round, like help / help others to get a compliment, etc.. When someone is being successful penghasilkan get him a major general, will increase so that the expenditure pattern of consumption will increase to take part.

Before buying something you should think there are millions of times so that you do not regret later. For example, there is a special offer items that look so expensive, so cheap you have to ask whether the goods will continue to use you in the long term? and whether the value of the product far more than the price?. Sometimes we realize after the fact we did not buy the ongoing darena use fast bored or are not important.


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