2008, China's Car Sales Rise

Selasa, 13 Januari 2009

Sales of motor vehicles in China rose about 8% to 9.4 million units in 2008, less than half of the growth rate a year earlier, the industry group, said Monday.

Demand for cars has been hit by weakening global economy and a review for 2009 remain weak, so the People's Daily reported, quoted Hu Maoyuan, leaders of China Car Manufacturing Association.

The growth rate for sales in 2008 following a 21.8% expansion in 2007, the appeal of the previous year, according to previous reports.

"In 2008, China's car market showed a decrease in the midst of global financial crisis," said Hu, who also heads China's leading car industry, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.

For the first 11 months in 2008, vehicle sales rose 8.5% in the previous year appeal to be 8.6 million units. In November alone, car sales down 14.6% in the appeal years ago.

Local media reported that China will announce the various steps in the stimulus first quarter 2009 to encourage the growth of the car sector in the range 10% each year occur during the weakening global economy



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