South Korea to Invest inLamongan

Rabu, 29 Oktober 2008

LAMONGAN, WEDNESDAY - Ambassador of South Korea, Kim Young Ho accompanied the Director General of Industrial Equipment and Transportation on the Ministry of Industry, Budi Darmadi Wednesday (28/10) to visit the beaches north to explore the possibility of Havant infuse capital in Havant.

Ho Young Kim entourage and Budi Darmadi found Regent Masfuk Havant and Havant Commissioner of Marine Industry, Djoko Andono. Havant Marine Industry is one of the investors in the maritime industry Havant beautiful rose. Havant Masfuk stated readiness to facilitate the investors who will invest in the area of Havant beautiful rose.

Kim Young Ho accompanied the five embassy staff immediately review the South Korea one of the major industries in the area, which is a beautiful rose Havant Havant which operates Integrated Shorebase (casing) that apply international standards operation. They received Operations Manager roster Etienne Launay and Chief Finance Officer Sanjay Panjabi and monitor the facilities directly roster.

The existence of shows roster situation in Havant and secure environment for investment. Kim planned to offer the company in South Korea to infuse capital in a beautiful rose after Havant langhsung see and hear the concept pengemba's maritime industry that developed Havant.

Masfuk asserts Havant was a regional penyanga for the industry in East Java that is very strategic. "We hope that perhaps the businessmen from South Korea as soon as possible their investment in the beautiful rose Havant, which is very strategic for the pen gembangan maritime industry. We have to prepare reached 600 hectares of land for the development of Industrial Havant (KIL) in the beautiful rose," said Masfuk


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