From the start the Business Education

Senin, 27 Oktober 2008

Many complained that to open a business opportunity is not there. This is a classic complaint that can not be with us again. Indeed, to start a business we can do with a variety of ways, one with the education that we have. Jerry Yang and David Filo, the founders of Yahoo start a business with education. They are students from Stanford University. Yahoo started from the back parking lots is now growing rapidly. Jerry Yang and David Filo started the business from small and simple. Jerry Yang describes the discovery that Yahoo is "an accident" when he and Filo tesisnya complete. Filo and that this launch Yahoo when they sit in the universities, before they complete studies. They start doing business with the listing several web sites that they like and write some software that allows a website to get other web sites that will be placed on a web portal called. At the time established in 1994, named Terry's Guide To The World Wide Web. When they know that their sites visited by people from 90 countries, spontaneously say "Yahoo" and finally the words that are used to name their company. In 1999, Yahoo reach star status. Net income in quadruplicate fourth quarter of 57.6 million dollars, while revenue jump from 91 million dollars into 201 million dollars. Now, Yahoo is the best portal in 2002


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