Success Stories Founder of KFC

Jumat, 31 Oktober 2008

This is the story of persistence Colonel Sanders, founder of the famous fried chicken franchise KFC. He started at the age of 66 years. Retired U.S. army does not have any money except sepeser allowance from the day fathers, who are thinner. However, he has expertise in cooking and offers a prescription masakannya to more than 1,000 restaurants in the country. Colonel Harland Sanders is a pioneer Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC, which has grown to become one of the largest in the industry food franchises in the world.

Colonel Sanders figure, even now become a symbol of the spirit of entrepreneurship. He was born on 9 September 1890 in Henryville, Indiana, but a new start mewaralabakan active in the business ayamnya at the age of 65 years. In the age of 6 years old, his father died and her mother is not able to work again so that Harland young men must maintain younger-lakinya a new age of 3 years. With this condition, he must cook for their families. In this time he has started to show kebolehannya.

At the age of 7 years, he has a place in some cooking. At the age of 10 years to get his first job with a salary near agricultural 2 dollars a month. 12 years of age when his mother married again, so he left the house at the place to get a job in the agricultural areas in Greenwood, Indiana. After that, he flit work for several years.

First, as parking at the age of 15 years in New Albany, Indiana and then sent into the army for 6 months to Cuba. After that he became the fire, learning the science of law through correspondence, the practice in the courts, insurance, ferry operator, tire seller, and service workshops.
In the age of 40 years, Colonel began cooking for people who travel a layover in the week of inconvenience in Corbin. Colonel Sanders have a restaurant at the time. It provides food in the dining room at the workshop. Because the more people who come to a place to eat, he eventually moved to the side of the road near the lodging and restaurant can accommodate 142 people.
During the almost 9 years he generally use the prescription with basic cooking techniques until now. Sander, the better the image. Governor Ruby Laffoon gave Kentucky Colonel award in 1935 for the contribution of the state Cuisine. And in 1939, its existence was first listed in Duncan Hines


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