He cramped Business

Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

In many, Muslims should menteladani nature Prophet. Ie Siddiq, Fathonah, trust and Tabligh. Siddiq nature, he explained, the Muslims must be the trustworthy, honest. "People will honestly safe,"
Bisnismen a Muslim should also have Fathonah nature, ie, must be smart. Including versed in reading opportunities, and management. "If we will not be left behind with other people."
Nature of trust must be owned by the businessman. If you can not maintain the trust, how will he survive in the midst of the melee business.
While the nature of Tabligh realized in the ability to communicate. A Muslim businessman should be able to communicate in different languages. How may not be able to communicate will be successful running the wheels of business in international level.
Besides K.H. Abdullah Gymnastiar or more familiarly known as Aa Gym has tips-tricks in running a business withdrawn. As a dozen years menekuni entrepreneurship, ranging from selling newspapers, a salesman, at this time to hold the position as president director of PT. Management Qolbu (MQ Corporation), which has five subsidiaries with 10 business divisions.

Tips-tricks applied Aa Gym obtained from the Prophet SAW, which is also known as a put-traders, is packed in the term-B'7, 'namely:
1. Worship with the correct
2. Both have a certain
3. Learn all there is no
4. Working with smart and sincere
5. Primitive life
6. Share with each other, and
7. Clean the heart always.

Formula about values in business management concepts qolbu packed in 'The Five-mu-mu'.
1. Quality, because everyone wants something a certain quality.
2. Cheap, fun to the buyer something that cheap.
3. Easy, because happy people tend to ease, both in terms of transactions and services.
4. Current, because the buyers who like something new and up-to-date.
5. Multimanfaat, that is, the more of a benefit in the goods, the goods will be preferred by buyers.



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